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DJ Greg “G” Anderson

DJ Greg “G” Anderson



Radio Show: FOLB Radio Show

ON AIR: Tuesdays 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM (CET), 2:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern Time USA.

DJ Start & Radio Work

I started to DJ back in 1979 while still in high school, I can remember telling Billy “B-Star” Barton this was something I really wanted to get into and he gave me his full support. Billy took me under his wing and showed me what equipment to get and how to start thinking like a DJ. I started out loving old school Hip Hop DJ Break beats & that grew into playing just about everything. In 1983 I collaborated up with Mark Cudney and we created the “IMC Crew” where we played rock and hip hop to mixed crowds locally. We had combined our music equipment together to make a nice mobile sound system.

I grew up listening to the radio, NYC’s 92 KTU with Paco and the Latin Rascals, listening to WHBI with the Supreme Team and Jay Bloodrock , Kiss FM checking out Tony Humphries & John Robinson, WSOU- South Orange, NJ. I can remember the feeling I got from attending various basement parties when the DJ’s like Kenny Barrow, Doctor Boogie, Kilowatt used to lay down vibes by playing records that you could not hear anywhere else.

In the early 80’s I used to go to a club in Asbury Park called “Club 12 “ here is where I really began to see how people were reacting to “house music” on the dance floor, nice melodies and big beats. I considered myself to be a Hip Hop DJ but being exposed to this music made me broaden my horizon and not be close minded, I felt the music changing my musical taste. TJ the DJ would always give me the names of whatever he was playing at Club 12.
In order to get these records I often took bi-weekly trips into NYC to Crazy Music, Downtown Records, Music Factory, Decadance & Rock N Soul; this is where I met Benji Candelario who has been a huge influence on me as well in my time as a DJ.

In 1983 I got my first taste of actual radio programming at NSB Radio in NYC. I had a weekly show where I played records for a small 30 minute syndicated show where I had to actually read off commercials in between songs. Then on a trip to London back in 1996 while working as the USA buyer for Release The Groove in the UK, I had an opportunity to DJ as a guest on Jeremy Newall’s show on the pirate radio station “106.5 Girls FM” the feeling I got after that show had me knowing that this was something I knew I wanted to do on a regular basis. It was just about getting the right opportunity and to apply myself when the time was right.

Later on that year in 1996 I then got introduced to Ricky Panutto from Italy, he then in turn set me up to do a radio mix show for Punto Radio 96 in Novara Italy, I did that show for about 3 years with very good success and ground work for meeting a demand to have good records to keep weekly listeners interested. I have always been interested in radio programming and how you can play different records to set up playing others and the power of the radio to break new music.

I currently do the following weekly syndicated mix shows under the “ FOLB Mix” name.

“Philly Nites Radio” in Philadelphia.
“Maluti Deep House Sessions” with RazChriz in NYC.
“ChillOut Radio “in Africa.
“House Nation Radio “in France.
“Pure Electro Radio” in France.
“Deepvibes Radio “in London.

As you can see I have a very well rounded weekly “global” presence in pushing good music. In the past I have had guest DJ spots on House Station Radio in Italy, Rise and Shine Show, Chicago, Radio X in Germany & WNYU in NYC.

Music Production

In 1990 I started working for a small record label in NYC called “Cupid Records” run by Elis Pacheco and Larry Sands.

I wrote and produced my first record back in 1991 on New Jersey’s “New Generation Records” Treat me right with vocals by Monica when I was a member of the production team “The Combinations” with Johnny Nunez, over the years we also did many underground records that were distributed through (SOM) sound of music by Tony Rodriguez.

In 1998, I decided to start my own label up “Urban Vision Records “I released a few records but it was a huge learning experience to release vinyl records. You had to have very good distribution otherwise you would have to go from store selling your records out of the trunk of your car in order to turn your records over consistently & between NJ & NYC. Those times were much different than the digital age we live in now.

The origin of the FOLB (Friends of Long Branch) name

FOLB started around five years ago as a one-time party event held at a local bar the “My Way Café” the day right after Thanksgiving. We gave this party as a way to give thanks to good friends. The response by all those who attended was so great that I ran more events, culminating with a 5-year anniversary party this past December.

I am the DJ at each FOLB event, while my long-time business partner of thirty-nine years and friend, Billy “B-Star” Barton, tackles the logistics and other details to run a smooth operation. Our parties are like a huge reunion, we play mostly classics, and it’s a throwback party, when people see old friends they want to hear music they remember.

The mix show name actually started up when we had a quiet period of the doing the parties, I put together a 80 minute mix that I shared on my friends walls every 2 weeks on FACEBOOK & the internet and then people started asking me “where is the FOLB Mix?” so for a while I always listed it as I was going to do a pod cast under that moniker. The mix show represents where I’m from & the music brings people together in a special way. As a DJ I will never be bigger than the music I play. I have seen too many DJ’s feel they bigger than life and that is just not a realistic approach….as the music changes and you to adjust to different trends as well, It’s very easy to get humbled in the game of music.


Phone: 732 768 4391

Email: Andersonentpz@yahoo.com

The artist

Resident in: Long Branch, New Jersey, USA